Did you know?

La Ronda is also a street that takes us to our indigenous past, and in those ancient times it was not called La Ronda, as the Spaniards named it or as we know it today, but it is assumed that its original name was that of “El Chaquiñán”, a term that is now translated as a path or path. It is presumed that this small street was already established and drawn towards 1480, when the Incas first arrived in Quito.

La Ronda is one of the most traditional streets found in Quito, not only for being one of the oldest, or for having been the cradle of painters, writers and poets of the 30s; It was in the houses of this narrow street where songs and corridors were written and same that housed politicians, romantics and Bohemians. Among the characters that inhabited La Ronda during the twentieth century were Faustino Rayo or Carlos Guerra or Taita Pendejadas.

Its main artery is Juan de Dios Morales Street, this attractive street is the center of Quito’s culture where you can find traditional games, cultural centers, typical restaurants, bars, tourist and cultural information stands are some of the many attractions that The site offers.